From May to October, 2018, the BRC team worked with seven faculty-led projects at Northeastern to develop prototypes that can show some of the range of possibilities of a Boston Research Center. These prototypes include faculty and students from a wide range of departments, working together with library staff.

The Birth of Boston

Chris Parsons—Faculty, History

Molly Nebiolo—Graduate Student, History

Matthew Bowser—Graduate Student, History

Boston’s 911 Data Project

Jack McDevitt—Director, Institute on Race and Justice at Northeastern

Diversity Explorer 

Pedro Cruz—Faculty, Art + Design

John Wihbey—Faculty, Journalism

Avni Ghael—Graduate Student, Computer Science

Aashish Singh—Graduate Student, Computer Science

Early Black Boston Digital Almanac

Nicole N. Aljoe—Faculty, English Department and African & African American Studies Program

Nicole Sojowski—PlusOne Student, English

Alanna Prince—Graduate Student, English

Elizabeth Maddock Dillon—Chair and Professor, English

The Encyclopedia of Boston

Marty Blatt—Faculty, History

Victoria Cain—Faculty, History

Debra Lavelle—Graduate student, History

Mission Hill 100

Meg Heckman—Faculty, Journalism

Jonathan Kaufman—Faculty, Journalism

John Wihbey—Faculty, Journalism

Aleszu Bajak—Faculty, Journalism

Dan Zedek—Faculty, Journalism

Catherine McGloin—Graduate Student, Journalism

Zach Ben-Amots—Graduate Student, Journalism

Siyuan Sun—Graduate Student, Information Design and Visualization

Boston Desegregation Archive: Annotated Case Law and Digital Reference

Dan Jackson—Executive Director, NuLawLab

Jules Rochielle Sievert—Creative Director, NuLawLab

Margot de Costerd—Research Intern, NuLawLab