The Northeastern University Library’s Digital Scholarship Group is currently engaged in an intensive preliminary planning and design process for a new digital research initiative focused on the city of Boston. Generously funded by a planning grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this design process involves the development of prototypes, design plans, and technical specifications that will guide the development of a full-scale suite of tools, data, and staff. The BRC is hosted at Northeastern but is designed to be a collaborative effort among many organizations in Boston—civic, research, teaching, and cultural heritage—with intensive planning devoted to developing institutional partnerships and fostering community engagement.

Sepia aerial drawing of central Boston from North perspective


The planning phase focuses on a set of pilot projects that represent a range of disciplines, research questions, and data sources. Each pilot will develop a detailed specification and prototype that includes sample data, data analyses and visualizations, and usage scenarios that will in turn shape the horizons of the larger BRC.


In its full form, the Boston Research Center (BRC) will unify, for the first time, unique special collections related to Boston, data generated by the government, citizen groups, social media, digital modes of scholarship, and a wide array of researchers to offer scholars a seamless environment for studying the city’s history, communities, and cultures.


The BRC will be a dynamic research center that will enable scholars and communities to generate and operate on an array of archival materials and data in new ways, to draw upon a wide range of digitized resources and data sets, and to analyze multiple sources together through new services. The BRC will connect research collections of images, maps, texts, audio and video files, as well as spatial, temporal, and statistical/numeric data collections.

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